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  • Kate Wilamska

Joy in the time of Covid19

After a scary March and not so "springy" April, and May we are probably getting pretty tired of this suspended animation of our lives. Today I was reminded of how little it takes to be bent out of shape and how little it takes to straighten it up again.

Consider the masks, the life saving contraptions that make some of us claustrophobic and ready to start WWIII, while others miserable and simply out of breath. We may not curse or groan about wearing them, but we are not happy about them. And hearing someone saying that we HAVE TO put them on could irk us to no end.

So tonight or tomorrow while going to the store or some other public space requiring them, instead of being angry about this hullabaloo, think like a 5 year old : make it a playtime and IN YOU MIND go back to the times of playing pirates, wild west bank robbers and other adventurers that voluntarily wore their bandanas, scarf and such to not be recognized while engaging in an awesome and daring task. Well, finding tampons in isle 3 or spinach in produce section may not seem like daring, but... Act like a kid, think like a kid, be a kid.

Go ahead. Bring forth your imagination. Allow yourself a bit fun and joy - not despite the mask, but because of it.

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