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Training and interest:

TRE Module 1 2020


EMDR 2.0 2020

Healing Frequencies 2017-2019

Integrative Mental Health Provider 2018-2019

PsychK 2017

Clinical Hypnosis ASCH I & II 2015-2016

IADC 2014

EMDR I & II 2013

Art Therapy 2012

Certified Thanatologist 2011

Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music 2010

Aromatherapy 2009

LCSW 2008

MSW 2004

Kate has been a mental health practitioner since 2004. The foundation of her practice is built around creating an optimal inner personal growth journey for her clients. By integrating new ideas of self care and self awareness with the skills her clients already have, Kate strives to promote insight and to foster hope while planning and implementing the steps toward well-being. Training as integrative mental health practitioner gave Kate expertise in offering other than pharmacological ways to re-balance and restore mental health of her patients. She specializes in treating individuals affected by traumatic events including losses and childhood adverse experiences, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and other mental health diagnoses. She offers counseling to adults, and couples.

Rather than the typical "talk therapy", Kate offers variety of approaches and techniques that not only speed up the healing process, but integrate all elements of the patient's body, mind and spirit in the recovery. Kate has been trained in and utilizes EMDR (for trauma), IADC (for grief), Alpha Stim (for sleep problems, ADHD, depression and anxiety), Psych K (for self limiting beliefs), healing frequencies (for panic attacks, obsessive thoughts), nutrition and integrative practice and clinical hypnosis (for all conditions).

Please watch the videos below to educate yourself on the above topics.

Katarzyna pomaga osobom w potrzebie od ponad 15 lat. Oprocz typowej rozmowy terapeutycznej oferuje takze alternatywne metody, ktore przyspieszaja poprawe stanu psychicznego integrujac elementy fizycznego, emocjonalnego i duchowego zdrowia. Filmiki ponizej wyjasniaja niektore z metod, ktorych uzywam.

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