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Offering telehealth during time of COVID, complete with paperless intake via client portal.

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Welcome to Kate Wilamska, LCSW, a one of a kind mental health practitioner in Mount Prospect. I combine traditional talk therapy with modern techniques to treat stress, trauma, grief, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive behaviors and many other afflictions.  Together with my clients we work on improvements in their emotional and physical well-being. Explore this site to learn more about me, the services and more. I know it is difficult to reach out for and accept help. Sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of courage to contact a therapist. But you are here. You did it. So join me today and experience the positive changes that you have been waiting for.

Potrzebny psycholog?

Witajcie w Gabinecie Rozwoju Osobistego Katarzyny Wilamskiej zlokalizowanego w Mount Prospect. Oprocz tradycyjnej terapii przy pomocy rozmowy oferuje tez nowoczesne techniki promujace zdrowie psychiczne i fizyczne. Zapraszam do przegladniecia informacji na tej stronie i do dolaczenia do grupy rodakow, ktorzy juz korzystaja z tej okazji na pozytywne zmiany w swoim zyciu. 


Odczulanie przy pomocy ruchu galek ocznych

It seems that stress became our daily bread in 2020. Be it from the current pandemic situation, political and social unrest, challenges in home life, job uncertainty or strain in finances. Stress causes loss of sleep, increase in irritability and ensuing interpersonal conflicts, not to mention severely affecting our functioning, both emotional and physical. Many of us feel thinly spread while others experience return of the previously manageable symptoms. Many of us struggle with reality daily.

And for people who experienced trauma in the past, it can now return with vengeance.

EMDR is a distinct therapeutic approach which uses brain-body activation (of which eye movements can be an example) to aid the integration (re-processing) of distressing information. EMDR is commonly used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but has been increasingly helpful in treating other conditions in which disturbing thoughts, images, feelings and body sensations play an important part (anxiety, phobias, obsessions). If you suffer from PTSD or would like to decrease your distress, please contact me for the treatment that will lead to improvement in the way you feel. Please watch the videos below to learn more about why difficult experiences hijack your logic and what can be done about it.

Dla osob borykajacych sie z nerwicami, obsesjami i fobiami, a takze osobom z zespolem stresu pourazowego (traumatyzowanych) oferuje skuteczna metode odczulania  przy pomocy ruchu galek ocznych. Prosze obejrzec filmiki aby zrozumiec, ze ani samo branie lekarstw, ani  rozmowa z terapeuta nigdy nie sa wystarczajace w leczeniu traumy ktora jest fizjologicznym stanem organizmu.

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